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As Australia's premier classic car electric conversion specialists, recognized as the Best EV Conversion Specialists of 2024 by the Australian Enterprise Awards, Unique EVs is committed to future-proofing classic cars and pioneering electric mobility.

Established in 2021, our vision is to lead in electric sports car manufacturing, blending vintage design with modern sustainability principles. At Unique EVs, we're passionate about crafting vehicles that prioritize both beauty and environmental responsibility.

With expertise in electric vehicle technology and design, our team ensures top-tier quality and customer satisfaction.

Registered under Motor Vehicle Repairers Number MRB11220 and affiliated with the MTA (Member Number: 067028), we invite you to explore how we can transform your car into an electric marvel.

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We're all ears and excited to hear about your car dreams. Whether it's an electric conversion, restoration, or custom upgrade, we're here to make it happen. Simply click the link below and fill out the form. We will be in touch to provide more information and guide you through the process.

Best EV Conversion Specialists 2024

In the automotive industry of today, electric vehicles (EVs) are well on the way to becoming king, celebrated for their positive impact on the environment when compared with their predecessors. As this technology continues to evolve and become further streamlined, people may find themselves wanting to invest in an electric motor but keep the classic car that they already own. This is where Unique EVs comes in, an industry leader in classic car electrification and transforming cars into premium electric vehicles, catering to the particular niche of classic car enthusiasts interested in the future of sustainable transport solutions.

Electric Vehicle Conversion

Interested in converting your classic car to electric? Click here to discover more about our conversion services. At Unique EVs, we specialize in seamlessly blending vintage aesthetics with modern electric technology, ensuring your classic car not only retains its timeless charm but also becomes a sustainable and efficient ride. Learn how we can transform your beloved classic into an electric marvel today!Elettri

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Electric Vehicle Sales

Curious about available vehicles for sale?

Explore our inventory here. At Unique EVs, we occasionally offer classic and unique cars for sale, ranging from iconic VW Split Screens and Beetles to sleek Porsche 924s and rugged Range Rover Classics. Whether you're seeking a vintage gem or a modern classic, we might have just the vehicle you're looking for. Take a peek at our inventory to find your next ride and embark on your
electrifying journey with Unique EVs!

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