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EV Charging Socket IEC 621962 Type 2 EV Lectric Vehicle Charging Adapter Single

EV Charging Socket IEC 621962 Type 2 EV Lectric Vehicle Charging Adapter Single

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1. Meet Standards: EV charging socket conforms to MIDA‑EVE‑MS‑16S, MIDA‑EVE‑MS‑16A150P DC fast charge type 2 EV plug and conform to the provisions and requirements of CE, TUV, IEC 62196‑2.
2. TPE Insulation: The charging connector adopts TPE to achieve cable insulation, aging resistance, and prolong life. TPE sheath improves the life and wear resistance of AC fast charging EV charging connector DSIEC2f‑EV16S.
3. Ergonomic Design: Electric vehicle charging adapter adopts screwless riveting pressure process and has beautiful appearance. The hand held design is ergonomic and easier to use.
4. IP54 Waterproof: EV charging connector DSIEC2f‑EV16S has excellent protection performance, the protection level reaches IP54, and can adapt to harsh environments.
5. Basic Parameter: The input voltage of EV charging receptacle is single phase 250V, rated current is 16A 32A AC, it is universal for electric vehicles.

Item Type: EV Charging Socket
Housing Material: Thermoplastic
Model: Type-2
Wire Harness Flame Retardant Grade: UL94-V-0
Waterproof Grade: IP54
Rated Current: 16A 32A AC
Input Voltage: Single Phase 250V
Working Temperature: -30℃-+50℃
Certification Standards: CE, TUV, IEC 62196-2
Fitment: Universal

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1 x EV Charging Socket


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The product meets the AC charging requirements in GBT 18487.1, with charging work.

The rate is up to 20kW, providing users with fast and efficient charging solutions. Product name and main specifications.

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