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Ocular LTE | w/6m Type 2 Cable - Ocular Home Tethered - Single Phase

Ocular LTE | w/6m Type 2 Cable - Ocular Home Tethered - Single Phase

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Ocular LTE | w/6m Type 2 Cable - Single Phase

Product Code: OC20-BC-22KW

The Ocular LTE Three-Phase EV Charging station combines a beautiful compact charging station with a class-leading LCD screen for live charging feedback.

With a colourful LCD display, users can clearly see the current charging status including charging time, voltage, current internal temperature, etc.

Non-hardware faults that occur during charging will be automatically fixed. Faults that require manual repair will be displayed on the LCD screen. The housing is sturdy and has an IP66 rating. It can be easily installed on the wall. If the customer prefers charger to be installed on the stand, we can provide the matching one.

Input & Output

  • Input voltage/Output voltage - AC 230V / 400V
  • 3-Phase
  • Input frequency - 50Hz
  • Max. output power - 7.4KW(1 Phase) / 22kW (3-Phase)
  • Max. output current - 32Amp
  • Charging interface type - IEC 62196-2, SAE J1772


  • Over voltage protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Over load protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Earth leakage protection
  • Over-temp protection
  • Lightning protection


Function and Accessory

  • LCD - 3.5 inch
  • RCD - Type A + 6mA DC
  • LED Indicator light
  • Intelligent power adjustment

Working environment

  • Protection degree - IP66
  • Environment temperature - -40 - 75 Degrees Celsius
  • Relative humidity- 0-95%
  • Cooling - Natural Air Cooling
  • Standby power consumption- <8W


  • Dimension (W/H/D) - 295/195/65mm
  • Weight - 6 kg

Mounting Accessories

  • Wall-mounting bracket
  • Ground-mounting pole - Optional



Keep this in mind when installing:

For your safety, the installation must only be carried out by a licensed and qualified electrician familiar with Australian industry standards and is fully responsible for the installation.

Standard install rates are:

- Single Phase: $990 inc GST

- Three Phase: $1140 inc GST


Shipping & Returns


Care Instructions

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20kW Onboard Charger

20KW, on-board charger, the machine has the function of converting three-phase AC or single-phase AC input power to high-voltage DC power output, which is used to charge the power battery of the vehicle or directly supply the power to other loads of the vehicle online.

The product meets the AC charging requirements in GBT 18487.1, with charging work.

The rate is up to 20kW, providing users with fast and efficient charging solutions. Product name and main specifications.

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